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As the Ohio Cave Survey is a repository of cave information, maps, locations, photographs, and reports, the OCS should be used like any other library. Such "Information" is requested from cavers, mappers, researchers, and agency personnel. If donated to OCS, the information will be secured, digitized, identified, and organized, so other responsible parties can make use of it for deserving projects. Through such sharing of accumulated knowledge, the speleological sciences will show more rapid advancement.

OCS accepts the responsibility to efficiently and securely aggregate this repository of important data. OCS further is responsible for carefully screening those who would request access to the repository and its materials to ensure the information is not altered or abused in any way.

We only share data that promotes the organizational goals of conservation, research, and exploration of caves throughout the State of Ohio.





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OCS is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt, non-profit corporation.
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